The College of Communication, Languages, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) is the largest and most diverse college at UAFS, where we emphasize intellectual curiosity, creativity, informed openness, and an integrated, student-centered focus on education and community service. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches in the college through the cross-fertilization of disciplinary facts and ideas as students think analytically about past and present issues related to media, the social, political, cultural, and creative facets of society, diversity, social justice, and criminology among other aspects of the human experience. We believe that our college milieu facilitates excellent communication, independent judgment, tolerance, and reflective and evaluative thinking, all of which ultimately promote ethical decision making. As they journey through college, our students are challenged to achieve their highest potential and to contemplate their positions first as citizens and second as the next generation of leaders in the workforce. While some students choose to join the workforce immediately after graduation, others go on to earn graduate and professional degrees at diverse institutions across the United States and internationally.


The College of CLASS houses academic programs in criminal justice, English, graphic design, history, media communication, music, political science, psychology, rhetoric and writing, Spanish, social work, studio art, and theatre.